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Family legal disputes can be very complex, emotionally trying, and expensive for both parties. Whether you are facing a divorce, a child custody dispute, or child support, it is important that you work with a family law attorney you can trust to protect your rights and provide you with the information you need to safeguard your family’s best interests.

At Liberty Law, our lawyers have extensive experience in family law and applies a unique approach to guide her clients through the legal process. Through sound counsel and support, we can provide you with lasting legal solutions for your family. Please contact us directly for more information about any of our practice areas or follow the links below.

Family Law Areas Of Practice


Whether you’re filing for divorce or received divorce papers, ending a marriage is an emotional and complicated process. In most cases, you need to sort through years of marital assets, divide them fairly, negotiate child support and alimony payments, and craft a child support plan that is in your child’s best interests. Based on your needs, we can help you build a divorce strategy that protects your interests and ensures you and your children’s stability. Click here to learn more.

Child Custody

In addition to legal custody, you typically have the right to physical custody, the ability to make day-to-day decisions for your child and spend time together. All parents, regardless of gender, have the same child custody rights. While we strive to resolve child custody issues out-of-court, disputes are sometimes inevitable. At Liberty Law, we will spend time getting to know you, your parenting style, and your unique circumstances. Based on a thorough evaluation of your claim, we’ll craft a child custody strategy that addresses your parenting goals and your child’s best interests. This strategy might involve mediation, a court hearing, or a combination of both. We are experienced in child custody issues arising out of a divorce, separation, or unmarried couples.

Child Support

Parents have a duty to support their children emotionally and financially. Florida sets child support guidelines that govern most of the time. These guidelines consider the parent’s income, the number of children involved, and other factors. However, there are times when you shouldn’t follow the guidelines due to a child’s needs. A family law attorney can help you fully assess your situation and calculate the appropriate amount of child support. At Liberty Law, we can help you figure out the correct support payments you owe or are owed according to Texas state law guidelines. We can also help you creatively negotiate for a different amount depending on your individual circumstances.


As a parent, you don’t just have the right to spend time with your child. You also get to make decisions about his or her welfare, medical care, education, religious upbringing, and other important issues. This is sometimes referred to as “legal custody.” Typically, these decisions aren’t contentious during a marriage. But, a divorce can suddenly complicate the decision-making process. We can help you protect your rights in terms of your access to your children that is in the best interest of the child while preserving your relationship with your children. We’ll also fight for your right to make significant decisions for your child.

At Liberty Law, Our 20+ Years Of Family Law Experience Allow Us To Accurately Assess The Uniqueness Of Your Case And Guide You Through The Difficult Process Of Separation. 

We Believe That Everyone Deserves To Be Happy. In Our Years Of Experience As Family Law Attorneys, We’ve Learned That As Important As It Is For Us To Offer Sound Legal Advice, It Is Equally Important To Help You Navigate The Transition Between Married To Single Life. We Give You The Reassurance You Need, After Gaining An Understanding Of The History Of Your Case. Contact a Family Law Lawyer today.

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