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Hurricane Insurance Claims

Storms damage property. We’ll deal with the insurance company.

Many people mistakenly believe that since they’ve paid for home or business insurance, they’re covered for replacement when a hurricane hits. They’re often left in despair when they file that claim and are denied or offered only a small fraction of what they need to recover.

It’s important to understand what your insurance policy covers before a storm hits. You and your insurance company may disagree on what, exactly, caused the damage. The context of wording in your insurance policy, and how you and the insurance company interpret it can make a big difference in claim recovery. You need to know what kind of wind damage is excluded from your policy and whether the property insurance policy includes replacing the contents inside the damaged structure.

Most homeowners’ standard insurance policies don’t cover flooding. And although most property policies cover wind damage, some cancel that out if it’s accompanied by a natural disaster uninsured event, like flooding.

Even if you are covered, many policies may not cover the replacement cost of rebuilding. Often after devastating storms, prices for supplies and labor are inflated due to the demand for both. The value of the house you owned may not match what it would cost to rebuild. And if building codes have changed, the new house has to meet those codes, often adding to the cost of rebuilding.

If you discover you need to add to your insurance, it’s important to get flood insurance when the skies are clear. For example, if you need to add a separate flood insurance policy, understand that it probably won’t take effect for 30 days. And when you do add it, make sure it covers what you think it does. Purchasing flood insurance doesn’t automatically guarantee your home, business, or contents will be replaced if damaged by a hurricane. Location can also affect how much coverage you receive.

Insurance companies often deny claims even if the claim is legitimate. They’re banking on homeowners walking away without a fight. It’s a numbers game to them. Homeowners are left in the dark with no idea of how to recover. Whether your home needs a few repairs, or you’ve lost everything in the storm, you’re already emotionally and physically exhausted. You need someone to walk with you through the process of getting what you’ve paid for in insurance.

The lawyers at Liberty Law want to free you from the burden of fighting the insurance company by yourself. If your claim was denied, we’ll fight for you to make sure you get all you’re entitled to receive in insurance benefits. Claim denial is normal for insurance companies, but it’s not for you. We’ll walk you through the process to help you recover from hurricane damage.

BUSINESS OWNERS: Get What You’re Entitled to From Your Insurance Company

Businesses are sometimes affected differently by hurricanes than residences. Obviously if a business location is damaged, there should be insurance coverage for that. But what about business disruptions due to storm damage? Was the road to your business blocked? Were your suppliers affected and unable to get you what you need to run your business?

As a business owner, it’s important to understand what your insurance policy covers. Liberty Law can go over your policy with you and help you with your insurance claim. Many insurance companies deny claims hoping you’ll walk away. If they settle, they’ll often settle for far less than you deserve, again hoping you won’t fight them. It takes someone with experience in dealing with insurance claims to maximize your insurance recovery. We know how to speak their language and we’ll fight for you to make sure you receive the benefits you’ve paid for.

Recovering from hurricane damage is exhausting and confusing enough without fighting the insurance company to get what is yours. Hiring Liberty Law to help you interpret your policy can make a difference in the amount of insurance recovery you receive.

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